Sally C.

It is hard to express how helpful Diana was. The home computer with our finances was about to crash so I called Diana on a Sunday. She answered, listened and set an appointment for Tuesday. She was right on time, had everything she needed with her, explained what she was doing and why, and her attitude was extremely professional. Diana performed diagnostics on our IBM Think Pad (2004) and did her best to clear out the bugs and clean up the problems. She spent almost 3 hours in our home. She answered a million questions and patiently explained what our options were. I don't remember exactly the final bill, but it was not expensive for the time spent and the quality of the work done. Definitely, a good value. We saved all of the files but were unable to save the IBM. Diana suggested what to consider as a replacement. Things to look for. What to expect. What to avoid. The next day I purchased a new desktop system with confidence knowing what to ask the salesperson. ALL of our files transferred and the new setup was up and running in 1 day.

Virginia C.

When I decided to get a laptop and wireless setup several years ago [necessary because of wiring problems in my older home] I called Diana. She explained what I would need and offered suggestions of brands and models. After I had assembled all the "pieces" she spent about 3 hours setting everything up, including helping me with the laptop setup and showing me how to create email accounts. Since then she has returned to clear up a couple of problems and has also given me tips for correcting small glitches via email or phone. This time she came to troubleshoot a recurring problem which turned out to be caused by the router failing. She said she would pick up the new router, saving me a trip, and the next day she connected the new unit and got it communicating with the laptop and printer. The printer was difficult, as it had been during the initial installation, but she made sure everything was working. She has always been totally professional and efficient, never made me feel inadequate--and it would be hard to find someone less "computer-savvy" than I am. I originally located her through an ad in a neighborhood newspaper and have always felt lucky, I feel she does excellent work.

Peter M.

Corrected faulty run of backup software and reconfigured wireless printer.Good job; on time, on budget, and corrected issue.

Don D. 
Cleaned up two desktop PCs. Installed new hard drive and added memory to one PC. Installed new operating system on one PC. Jeff was prompt and professional. The hourly rate was very reasonable, and they tried a couple of options to reduce my overall cost. I plan to use them again to transfer files to a third desk top and to add it to a wireless network.

David P.
She examined and updated my desk-top computer's systems and addressed several software and Internet problems that I had noted over the past year. She also noticed that my security software had lapsed and helped me sign up for the Norton 360 service.  Finally, she solved a problem with my Free Agent external backup hard drive by finding a way to get the computer to boot up even when the external drive was plugged in (many users have incurred boot-up failure with the Free Agent equipment). She was quite professional and went out of her way to ensure that my system worked properly with all the necessary safeguards. She also took the time to educate me on proper use and maintenance of the system and followed up with a couple of relevant e-mail messages later.

Darryl R.
My home network crashed. My PC worked but my wife's remote laptop couldn't find a signal to get to the internet. I called Diana Harkness in the morning, and she came here the same day, spent a full hour, got my wife up and running, all that for just fifty bucks. We are very happy now.

Mark M.
Diana attempted to clean up a virus infected computer. She worked a good two + hours without much luck.  I was so impressed with her work, I wanted her to load up my new computer with important files, music, photos, etc on my new Dell computer.  Also, installed new software and Norton Anti-virus software and gave me instructions on maintenance of my new computer.

Lynn R.
We had a message on our computer that our hard drive was going to crash. We called Diana and she attempted some diagnostics over the phone and then scheduled an appointment to come to our house. She arrived in a reasonable timeframe. She ran some more diagnostics and then informed us of our options because our hard drive needed to be replaced. She helped us to order backup discs and then had us call her when the discs came in to schedule the replacement of the hard drive. She then replaced the hard drive with no difficulties.  She was pleasant, knowledgeable and informative, giving all the options without any sales pressure.

Robert K.
Resolved a software(registry)corruption problem on my computer. Computer suddenly failed to recognize the installed DVD and CD drives. Troubleshooting programs provided by computer mfg. and Windows failed to resolve problems. Diana arrived on time. Made friends with our dog. Got to work immediately. Had problem solved in about 20 minutes.

Peggy B.
Diana diagnosed the error readings we were experiencing on our computer; updated programs; disabled unneeded startup items and shortcuts; advised on web browsers and security programs; checked memory and running times; added shortcuts to get program updates, etc.  Diana completed the job in less than one hour -- it probably took her longer to explain things in non-technical language than it did to complete her work. Felt very comfortable with her range of knowledge and thoroughness with the job done. Will have her return if any additional services are needed.

Caren H.

Thank you very much for repairing my computer.  Your prompt, professional and efficient response was truly appreciated on such short notice.

Mark Y.
You were very very prompt in your reply to my hardware question...and at no cost. I took note of this ....I will definitely utilize you for future problems.  She answered my original call for help very fast....she first gave me a suggestion over the phone to try without me spending any money ...All is well now. She gave free info without taking advantage I will definitely call her next time!

Linda R.
Diana installed a new anti-virus, got rid of pop-ups, installed Microsoft Word, and answered all of my "computer illiterate" questions.  I saw Diana's name & number on a website--my daughter had a report due on Friday and couldn't get "Word" to work (she tells me Wednesday on the way home from school)--so I call. Diana called Wednesday evening and she agreed to come Thursday morning (phew)--I was comfortable with her from the moment she walked in--she is very knowledgeable and just seems like nothing will ever "throw" her. I am thrilled I found her and now feel calmer about my computer which I seem to have problems with fairly often.

Adam C.
Both the CD and DVD drives on my HP desktop computer stopped working. I had done a variety if things but could not solve the problem. I called Diane, she came out to my house a few days later. She was on time and very easy to work with. She opened up the computer, installed a different DVD drive and was able to get it working, she ran some additional diagnostics and was then able to get my old DVD drive working again. I wasn't at all worried about the CD drive so Diane stopped there. I was very happy with what she did to get my DVD drive working again. She also updated some of my software and gave me some additional recommendations and tips for the future. I will use Diane again.

Tim M.
Computer was slow. Diagnosed as not having sufficient memory. Diana assisted me in selecting appropriate amount of new memory and installed it on my computer. She gave me additional tips for upgrading software. Great experience.

Paula H.
Our computers crashed at work and I called Diana Harkness to fix them. When I called Diana, she said she would have to call back. She called back immediately and said she could be over shortly. She was the lowest cost of all the companies I called, and she quickly repaired the problem.

Frank M.
Diana went over 2 computers and resolved all the problems. Diana checked both our computers and resolved all the problems I brought to her attention. She also found some other problems on her own and fixed them. She also made some suggestions about back up issues and advised me that my printer was not repairable, which was one of the reasons I had her come out. She came on time and her fee is very reasonable.

Vicki B.
Eliminated error message on computer. Cleaned up hard drive. Excellent. Diana is very knowledgeable and skillful. She is professional and friendly. She answers questions in a way anyone could understand.

Joe W.
Checked out my desktop computer that was running very slow and had reports of a virus. She installed new anti-virus and anti-spam software. Also, upgraded e-mail for better security. I called Diana on a weekend and left a message on her phone. She called back at 8 a.m Monday and she came to my house on Tuesday morning. We reviewed the problems I have been having for the past 2 months and she proceeded to take care of these in the next 2.5 hours. She also returned the next day to try to install a Word update, but we didn't have the appropriate software. There was no charge for this extra visit. Computer is up and running and no more Spam after a week. My wife and I watched Diana while she worked and this did not bother her. I know my wife would call her if I was out of town or not available.

Natalie T.
I love this woman! She's a genius. She came to our home and networked three computers, a couple of them elderly and recalcitrant. We had had this job done by somebody else and that person's work lasted approximately 2 weeks. Really great. No answering machines! I called her and she was able to get to us in less than 48 hours. She is very conscientious about time and called to say that she might be up to 15 minutes late. She was only 7 minutes late, but I very much appreciated that level of conscientiousness. She is extremely personable and seems to really know her work. My husband, son, and I all feel as if we have finally after many years of frustration found somebody who can do computer work for us. She really is the very best person I've ever spoken to about the mysteries of home computing ever since we got our Commodore 64 back in 1983. Things have been working smoothly and efficiently since she set up our computer network for us. Thank you!

Nancy H.
Diana came out to my home and did some troubleshooting, upgrades, and installed some new software on my computer. Diana was very courteous and pleasant to work with. She showed up on time, the day after I called her and did the work in reasonable time, 2 hours. I'd use Diana again and highly recommend her to others!

J. and C. K.
Diana came out to fix my computer when it was not working. She is very helpful with my computer. She is very reasonable and always on time. She comes to your home to fix computers.

Anne C.
Our Gateway PC was frozen with multiple problems including viruses and layered service provider error message. I wanted to upgrade from Windows ME to XP, but with Diana's help realized such an upgrade would be very expensive for an older computer due to the unique kind of memory it has. Instead, she cleared the hard drive and reinstalled/upgraded just the programs we actually use. We are very pleased with the work she did and with the very reasonable fee she charged for her services. The computer is working just fine and we hope to get another couple of years out of it. Diana was very knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. I will definitely use her again (in fact she is coming back tomorrow to work on my daughter's laptop)and will recommend her to friends.

Martha M.
I have used Ms. Harkness' services 6-8 times over the past 2 years. As my computer aged, problems would crop up requiring more expertise to fix than I have. I have had Ms. Harkness repair my computer, tutor me on new software, consult on purchase of new computer and peripherals, set up new hardware and software, and recondition older hardware and software for reuse. I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. Harkness' abilities and professionalism. She responds quickly, assesses the problem, estimates time and cost, works around my schedule, is prompt, courteous, professional and effective. Her fees are most reasonable and her estimates fair and on target. I continue to use her services and have recommended her to others.

Monica Z.
She was able to save the contents of my hard drive by transferring it from a nearly obsolete computer with a non-functioning CD-Write drive to my new one, and help me install DSL at the same time. She was very prompt. Sometimes when I called I got a recording, and she would call back within 5-10 min. Cost was for 2-3 hrs of help. She taught me what I needed to do now that I have a newer computer. She helped me get started. She's also available for questions, so I can call her back.

Sheila H.
Called her to improve the performance of my computer, as it was running slow. Diana has done repeated computer consulting and repair for me. She is prompt, willing to respond to questions, and has reasonable prices which are affordable. Although I was satisfied with her work; she was not and returned to my home twice, because she thought she had found a better solution to the problem. And I was not charged for these last two visits. She is also willing to tell you how to solve a problem yourself for your added convenience. Most computer consultants want you to call them again, and do not provide you with this information. Whenever I have called her, she is prompt to respond, and will walk you through a problem over the phone. I would not hesitate to use Diana for any computer issues which I have. She has also consulted at the business office where I work, and we have found her work satisfactory, and would not hesitate to call her again.

Priscilla M.
Technical support; problem solving with hardware, software and internet service; advice on purchase of software and hardware; tutoring. Diana is prompt, very reasonable, available and diligent. She follows through without fail. She makes house visits. She returns or calls to make sure her work has been accomplished. She is soft-spoken, patient and efficient. No question is too dumb! She speaks both techie and non-techie. She takes time to teach me how to resolve a problem on my own, and how to improve my skills and programs. She came highly recommended by friends who also call her regularly for clean up.