About Diana

In brief, you should know the following about me:

  • I have the highest grade awarded by a consumer rating company that lists me.  (Check out my Testimonials)
  • I am a Microsoft Partner.


  • I started with computers in 1973 when they were bigger than a room and we used punch cards just as we use a keyboard and direct input today.


  • I have owned and worked with PCs since the early '80's, first with the TI 99/4A, then the ADAM, then with computers that were more like the ones we use today.


  • I can solve problems using DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.


  • I can show you how to make the most of Word, Works, Excel, Outlook, and other office programs, financial programs such as Quicken and Quickbooks, Photo programs, and any type of program that you don't understand..


  • I have also quickly mastered several proprietary programs so I could show my clients how to use them. My clients particularly appreciate the care and personal attention I focus on them and their computer needs.

Here is what I can do:

  • Set up your computer or network.
  • Remove viruses and spyware from your computer and prevent virus and spyware attacks.
  • Troubleshoot and fix hardware and software problems that arise. 
  • Help you choose the right hardware and software for your needs.
  • Teach you how to use your hardware or software.


My Consultants

Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz worked for Lucent Technologies for many years before taking an early retirement. He enjoys working with computers and solving problems, and has done computer-related volunteer work. His background is in programming, so he often has a different approach than I do; we rarely encounter an unsolvable problem.  Be sure to ask him about the reason for his season ticket to Cedar Point!

Suzanne Hixon

Suzanne Hixon has been working in the field of technical training and consulting for the last 10 years and teaches on a variety of different topics. Her background is in education although entering a flooded job market made the transition to teach computer classes an easy one. After working in the world of executives and daily training classes for 5 years Suzanne left the industry and began teaching as a private consultant teaching a wide spectrum of courses from Microsoft Office to graphics programs. Ask her how we met and you'll know something about what she does in her free time.